Vibrante 3DX-24A

Autostereoscopic 3D HDTV

A 3D HDTV Masterpiece

Introducing the innovative Vibrante 3DX, the world’s first Autostereoscopic HDTV’s. Powered by RADEON and enhanced by Roxio’s CinePlayer 3D, this amazing family of HDTV’s will quickly become the most viewed objects in your life.

The Vibrante family of Autostereoscopic HDTV’s delivers new dimensions in picture depth with action that literally leaps off the screen. Enjoy the superior picture quality and brilliant color of Full HD 1080p resolution in every 3D image, without ever putting on a pair of glasses!

ACX has gone to great lengths to form strategic alliances with hardware / software companies that display and embrace the same enthusiastic pursuit of excellence in improving our customer’s experiences with products and services that are next to none. Through these relationships with AMD and ROXIO, technological as well as practical achievements have contributed to the creation of the Vibrante 3DX family of Autostereoscopic HDTV’s! CinePlayer® DVD Decoder The highest quality DVD playback engine on a Microsoft Windows Vista™ PCThe industry's best DVD navigationEnables playback of DVD, MPEG-2 and 5.1-channel Dolby Digital files in Windows Media PlayerSupports a variety of VGA cards Roxio's CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack for Windows Vista version 1.0 is designed exclusively for Windows Media Player and is world renowned for its remarkable video quality and superb audio clarity for DVD playback on your Windows system

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our mission

Our mission can be summed up in a single phrase – innovation. Team ACX strives for perfection in our pursuit of innovative excellence that surpasses our competition and exceeds our customer's expectations without breaking the bank.

latest news

Team ACX announced that it has chosen a nationwide distributor for the Vibrante 3DX-24, their auto-multiscopic
ACX launches the Vibrante 24" Auto-multiscopic (glasses-free) 3D HDTV, the first consumer model to be released in the US market.

Part of the Team ACX development and implementation "culture" has always been to include our customers in product design and review through our unique Alpha Beta program. Our customer base has grown significantly in recent years where we are now providing our unique creations to a much larger audience.

Newegg ( online retailer to carry the Team ACX products. "We cannot be more pleased with the reaction from major retailers for our innovative products and solutions in this exciting market", Lorenzo Traina, National Sales Director Team ACX.

Amazon (, the world's largest online retailer will carry the entire line of Team ACX products.